3 - Third Grade

MATH SCORE - A site Sylvan has paid for students to use at home and school!  Once your teacher enrolls you in the class you are able to log on to this site.  Your password is your AR number.

Arcademic Skill Builders - Great games to learn your facts.  Some games allow you to race against your friends who are logged onto another computer!

Crazy ABC order game - crash the car into the correct answer 

Tumble Books - Online movies of books you can read along with to practice your reading skills (Level 2-3) 

http://www.multiplication.com/index.htm Great interactive site with tips for teaching facts, printable worksheets and flashcards, and some great games. Check out Multiflyer and Timez Attack. The kids will love it!

http://www.eduplace.com/math/hmm/ Click on preferred grade level to find teaching models with audio, printable leveled practice pages, teaching tools, and more.

http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmm/ Kids' site featuring games, extra practice, and extra help demonstrations.

http://www.aplusmath.com/ This website contains games, printable flashcards, worksheets, and a homework helper.

http://www.funbrain.com/ A great site that includes many different learning games. Try the math arcade!

http://www.mrnussbaum.com/mathgames.htm Many different interactive math games that focus on facts, graphing, word problems, and more. Also includes other areas such as lanuage arts, social studies, and science.

http://www.globalclassroom.org/2006/math_intermediate.html Website that gives MANY ( and I mean many) links to math practice activities on the web.

Fact Monster - Includes an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, homework center, and timelines.

Multiplication Videos - School House Rock videos  

http://www.mathwire.com/ - Lots of activities to try on your own.

Space Math - Beginning mulitplication practice 

Math Practice - Good for basic math facts drill in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication 

Jungle Jim's Mulitiplication

Bonk the Moles - Should know your multiplication facts to play this game

Polygone Matching Game - shapes and their lable

Rain Forest Math - Lots of different math games 

Math Mayhem - Timed games in adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. 

Power Line 1 - Mathematical Reasoning Game 

Tanagram Game and Puzzle 

Bang on Time - Tellling time to the minute.  Click on the clock to stop the time when it matches the written time. 

One Half Fractions Game 

Story Background - Click on the first words to take you to a site that gives you more information about the stories you will be reading in your literature selections. 

Stories Read Online - This site provides an on-line streaming video program featuring Screen Actors Guild members reading children's books aloud.

Kids Lab - A collection of stories with comprehension and main idea questions.  Grades 3-5 

Hangman Online 

Phonics Millionaire : Words ending with -ar, -er, and -or Choose the correct spelling for the words ending with -ar, -er, and -or .... Plus a few extra words to keep you on your toes!

Build a Sentence  - Improve your reading!

Grammar Videos - youtube has School House Rock Videos 

Antonym and Synonym Game 

Practice your cursive writing at this site 


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