2 - Second Grade

Special Sylvan School Web Sites
MATH SCORE - A site Sylvan has paid for students to use at home and school!  Once your teacher enrolls you in the class you are able to log on to this site.  Your password is your AR number.

Arcademic Skill Builders - Great games to learn your facts.  Some of the games allow you to race against your friends who are logged onto another computer! 

AR at school - This site is only available at Sylvan School on the school internet.

Popular Sites
  How the Grinch Stole Christmas Game

 Fablevision - stories to read and see online 

Fact Monster - Includes an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, homework center, and timelines.

Language Arts Sites

Adjectives - Find the adjective in the sentence.  A site that goes with our reading series.  Higher level reading.
Comprehension Questions 

Practice finding complete sentences  

Read about syllables 

Grammar Videos - youtube has  school house videos


Phonic Practice Sites

Phonics Millionaire: Words ending with -ar, -er, and -or Choose the correct spelling for the words ending with -ar, -er, and -or .... Plus a few extra words to keep you on your toes! 

-Phonics Millionaire 2: er and -ar words
Choose the correct spelling of -er and -ar words.... and a few challenge words to keep you on your toes!


sparkle Activities for Working with Rhyme

Base words

CBeebies- Simple stories that you can read along with to practice reading 

Starfall - Starfall is a creative website designed to teach children to read.

Build a Sentence - Improve your reading!  

Word families - Match the picture to the word  

Sentences - Identify the naming and telling part of a sentence 

Story Online -This site provides an on-line streaming video program featuring Screen Actors Guild members reading children's books aloud. 

Clifford Books read online

Scrambled Sentences - Drag the words to put them in order. (Easy) 

Antonym Concentration Game 

Antonym - Matching Squares Game 

Spellbound - Improve your spelling by playing interactive spelling game

Our Reading Series - Links for each Story


Fairy Tale - Brementown Musicians, story read to you online while you follow along. 

Fact or Opinion

Digraph Game-  sh,th, ch, wh

Synonym Game- difficult words
EL Word Game - Help with learning what words mean

Categorizing words
Squanky the tooth fairy and antonyms game

Opposite Game 

Past tense verbs - Click on the basketball to see the sentence and then click on the correct verb choice.

2nd Grade Math Sites- click  for more sites

Math Book Take - a test online to see if you understand the math chapter 

Multiplication Videos to watch online

Short movies that explain math concepts 

Basic Math Facts Drill - Timed drill in addition, subtraction, Division and Multiplication

Tangram - Watch a quicktime movie explaining tangrams 

Count Us In - Math site with easy math games

Magnetic Numbers - Make subtraction number sentences 

Multiplication Painting - Practice facts, getting the facts right allows you to color a picture 

Cats in Line - Order of objects, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 

Space Addition Attack Game - adding one digit numbers 

Addition Machine - adding at different levels 

Guess the Number - Estimation and halving number

Sea Shell Rounding Activity  

Counting Money

Count coins in mug 

Compare and count money 

Rainforest Math - Lots of different math activities, click on your level, then click on a picture to play a math game. 

Add Bugs - Easy addition game 

Internet4Classrooms - Has lots of different math games to pick and play

Ghost Blasters - Shoot the even numbers 

Fraction Pizza - Ten questions on identifying fractions 

Fraction Cross the River Game

Pattern Blocks - Make patterned designs online 

Clock - Use this site with an adult to practice telling time 

Telling Time - Move the clock hands to the time printed below to practice telling time 

Fun Clock Game - practice tellling time

Bang on Time - Telling time by the minute.  Stop the clock when it matches the written time. 

Power Lines 1 - Mathematical Reasoning 

Guess the Mystery Number - Click on the dog for a new number to guess 

Shark Pool - Place Value, identify the tens and ones manipulatives with the right number or get a shark bite 

Batman Addition - Funny game 

Bouncing Balls - Just for fun 

Tanagram Game and Puzzle 

Odd and Even - Make sure you put all the numbrs in the circles before you click the check button

Greater Than and Less Than - Use the alligator to remember the signs while you play a game. 

Hundreds, Tens, Ones - Use an abacus to solve the answers.

Highest to Lowest Order - Practice putting numbers in order.  Be careful on the activity you pick. 

Mouse Trap 

Our Social Studies Web Site