Click on the words to take you to a fun learning site!

MATH SCORE - A site Sylvan has paid for students to use at home and school!  Once your teacher enrolls you in the class you are able to log on to this site.  Your password is your AR number.

Picture and Sound Match - A picture pops up and you pick the letter that matches the first sound of the name of the picture. 

Clifford Books read online 

Learn the alphabet 

Click here - Here is a list of the stories we will be reading in Kindergarten.  Some of the stories have links to visit online to better help you understand the literature selections we will be studying. 

Kangaroo Alphabet - Animated site matching upper and lower case letters. 

Alphabet Memory Game - click on the cards to match the upper and lower case letters 

Letter names and the sounds they make.  Also shows you how to write the letters in D'Nealian. 

Big Bird Gets a Letter - Click on the things on the shelf that start with the letter Big Bird is holding.  Cute site. 

Starfall  - Starfall is a creative website designed to teach children to read.

Alphabet Action - click on a letter and the letter name is said and a picture pops up 

Shapes on a Shelf - Match the shapes 

Rain Forest Math Games - Click on Kindergarten, in the new window click on a picture to play the math game. 

Count the cheese - mouse counts and pieces of cheese appear 

Count the chickens - Count how many chickens there are

What number comes next - click on the barrel of the number that comes next in the sequence 

Fishy Count - Practice counting 

Sort Shapes - must know shape name and color words, work with a parent 

Ghosts - Find the missing number from 1 - 10 

Number Match - Match the number on the bird to the number on the fence

Pattern Blocks - Make patterns with blocks online