5 - Fifth Grade

Here are some helpful or fun links for fifth grade students!!            

MATH SCORE - A site Sylvan has paid for students to use at home and school!  Once your teacher enrolls you in the class you are able to log on to this site.  Your password is your AR number. 

Arcademic Skill builders - Fun games to learn your facts. Some games allow you to play with someone else on another computer! 

Fact Monster Includes an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, homework center, and timelines.

Math Web Sites

Multiplication Videos from School House Rock 

Multiplication & Division Games to practice your math facts 

Decimals of the Caribbean 

Countdown  Videos on many math subject areas 

Making change site Don't use the keypad but the numbers on the top- It's a little hard to enter the answer, but it's good practice. 

Estimation of Length 

Multiplication Flash Cards 

5th Grade Reading Themes

Learn more about the story selections with web sites listed below:

To practice your vocabulary words click on the word Vocabulary.  Once you go to that site click on the 5th grade locker door.  Scroll through the list of stories and pick the story you are currently reading.  Then on the right side click on the note that says "eWord Game".  This takes you to a Tic-Tac-Toe game to play with your vocabulary words.

Vocabulary Site- Pictures that go with your vocabulary words for every story

Theme 1 (Nature’s Fury)
Launching the Theme:
FEMA for Kids: Click on the About FEMA link to learn about this federal agency’s role
Welcome to the Ohio EMA Kids Site: One state’s emergency preparedness site for kids
American Red Cross: Official website of the American Red Cross
Selection 1:  Earthquake Terror
Earthquakes for Kids
Earthquakes: Video, audio and information about earthquakes from National Geographic
Earthquakes: Earthquake information from FEMA
The San Andreas Fault: Pictures, maps and information
Faultline:  resources about earthquakes and demonstration activities
Selection 2:  Eye of the Storm:  Chasing Storms with Warren Faidley
Hurricanes: Information and pictures of hurricane damage from FEMA
Eye in the Sky: Hurricanes: Hurricane video, images and information
Flying Into the Eye of a Hurricane: Pictures, video and information
Hurricanes: Site from Kidstorm contains photos, charts and satellite images
Selection 3:  Volcanoes
Volcano World: Searchable information on volcanoes
Volcanoes: Information on predicting volcanic eruptions from Annenberg
Visit a Volcano: Cascade Range Volcanoes : Map, images and information

Theme 2 (Give It All You’ve Got)
Launching the Theme:
Activity Calendar: Body and Mind site provides information
to help young people achieve their goals.

Selection 1: Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion
Michelle Kwan – Bio: Picture and biographical information
U. S. Figure Skating Association
Selection 2: La Bamba
Long’s Peak Webcam: Webcam shows the peak mentioned in the reading selection
Slideshow of images of climbing in Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park Virtual Tour
Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains
Selection 4: Mae Jemison: Space Scientist
Interview with Mae Jemison
Challenging the Space Frontier: Meet a Super Scientist
Dr. Mae Jemison: Site from NASA
StarChild: The site from NASA
The content of astronomy site is available in English or Spanish 
Monsters of the Sea: the giant squid.

Theme 3 (Voices of the Revolution)
Colonial and Revolution Songs: Song samples in MP3 format
 The American Revolution: Timeline and information about daily life
Revolutionary Period
Biography of Benjamin Franklin
Poor Richard’s Almanack (1733-1758)
Important Terms, People and Events
Selection 1:  And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?
Selection 2:  Katie’s Trunk
Primary Source Link:
Washington D.C., 1800: Letter from Abigail Adams

Selection 3:  James Forten
Toys and Games for Kids in Colonial Maryland

Theme 4 (Person to Person)
The official website in England that helps homeless youth.
Volunteers of America: The official website
Habitat for Humanity: homes for the poor.
American Red Cross
Selection 1:  Mariah Keeps Cool
No suggested online resources
Selection 2:  Mom’s Best Friend
Welcome to the Braille Bug Site
Guide Dogs
Blindness: Information for kids
Selection 3:  Yang the Second and Her Secret Admirers
The Great Wall: A Virtual Tour
Virtual China: Pictures of the people and places
The Author Page: Read the biographies of your favorite authors and find out how to write to them


Theme 5 (One Land, Many Trails)
Launching the Theme:
Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark: Timeline, interactive trail map
The Gold Rush: Images and information
Gold Discovered in California
Take a virtual tour of the gold rush with QuickTime
The Gold Rush Fun Facts: Gold rush facts
Experience Gold Rush

Selection 1:  A Boy Called Slow
The Lakota of the Plains: Information about the history
Plains Indians
Selection 2:  Pioneer Girl
Homes on the Prairie:  a virtual tour of a farmhouse. 
Pioneer Life in Sacramento  

Selection 3:  Black Cowboy, Wild Horses

American International Rattlesnake Museum
Selection 4:  Elena
Mexico: From Empire to Revolution


Theme 6 (Animal Encounters)
Launching the Theme:
Learn about animals, ecology and conservation
Pictures and information about California’s wildlife
World Wildlife Fund for a Living Planet
The Endangered Species Program 

Selection 1:  The Grizzly Bear Family Book
Grizzly Bear: Information, pictures and video clips
Pacific Rim Grizzly Bear Co-Existence Study
Creature Feature: Brown Bears
Denali: Alaska’s Great Wilderness: Pictures, video clips
Denali: Park’s home page
Denali for Kids
Selection 2:  The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home
Golden Lion Tamarin: Information 
Golden lion tamarin and conservation efforts
Delisted Species
Selection 3:  My Side of the Mountain
No suggested online resources

Analogies Jeopardy Find the word that correctly completes the analogies given! 


Splat - Fraction bug game, avoid getting the wrong answers to keep your windshild clean.

Planet Hop -Use coordinate plots to make your course in this intergalactic graphing game.

Late Delivery -In order to deliver mail, the mailman must first use single variable equations to solve the door number 

Practice before you take the math test! 

Rain Forest Math Games - Click on a level, then a picture of a math area you need to practice

Egyptian Math Game -  Covers factors, prime numbers and divisibility with funny sound effects

Saloon Snap -  Match fractions with decimals and percentages

Math Mayhem - Timed game that you can pick to add, subtract, multiply. or divide.

Grade Five Word Problems -Tough word problems to solve for math wizards

Hangman Rounding Game - Round each number to  the nearest thousand then add or subtract

Paper Pool - play pool and watch how 45 degree angles are created. Try to make shots using knowledge about the basic angles.

Math Olympics - Varied math problems, miss one and you are out! 

Egyptian Rounding Game  - Round off  numbers to significant  figures or decimal place

Mystery Picture -  Difficult  fraction activity.  Find the answer- 2/3 of the apples are green

Type  In Answer -  Practice several different math concepts, type in answer and see if it is correct

Guess the angles - practice measuring with a protractor

Ladybug Leaf
Guide the ladybug by giving her commands to turn 90° or 45°, right or left, or to move forward/backward.

Isometric Drawing Tool



Use this interactive tool to create dynamic drawings on isometric dot paper. Draw figures using edges, faces, or cubes. You can shift, rotate, color, decompose, and view in 2D or 3D. Start by clicking on the cube along the left side; then, place cubes on the grid where you would like them.




The Virtual Body 

Human Anatomy Online- Learn about the human body.


U.S. States - Game to find the states on the U.S. Map

Map Game and State Info - learn your capitals and get state info 

Geography Games - Practice and learn on maps 


Make an online potatoe head!

Make some modern art.

Make a snowflake online.

Create Artwork online