The Mustang Round-up/ASES Program

The ASES Program is an afternoon program that gives extra academic support to all students enrolled. On Monday and Friday afternoons students work on curriculum developed by our credentialed ASES Coordinator.  On Tuesday - Thursday students particpate in our Academy program taught by credentialed teachers.  Throughout the week students receive homework help, snack, and participate in the use of technology.

The ASES program starts on the first day of school and is open every school day through the last day of school.  The program begins at the end of the school day (2:45PM) and lasts until 5:45PM.  All students enrolled in the program are required to stay until 4:15PM every day (end of Academy.)

For questions regarding the ASES program please contact

 Stace Sisco (ASES Coordinator) - 

Link to the ASES moodle site:     Mr. Smith's ASES Moodle Site